SurfStats Values

In the more than five years that SurfStats had been in the web analytics market it is unquestionable that SurfStats had a major impact in one of the fastest growing and also most competitive niche markets created by the Internet.

We at SurfStats believe four things about the commercial Internet products and solutions we create in this market:

  • It should be affordable for the market it is targeted at.
  • It should be convenient for the customer to obtain and to evaluate.
  • It should be relatively easy to configure and use.
  • It should be fast and reliable in operation.

Achieving this with products being used by customers with diverse needs in demanding environments is what we're striving for. At SurfStats, customer needs are always the centre of our attention, driving the design of our products and the way we develop our products. Satisfying customer needs not only requires adding features to our products that our customers want, but also to envision what customers will need in existing and future products.

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