SurfStatsLive as a service

You can deploy the SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service using your infrastructure, as a live statistics service to your customers. This makes SurfStatsLive an ideal web analytics service solution, especially for website hosts, Internet Service Providers (ISP's) and third-party web analytics service providers with clients that require web activity statistics as a primary or value-added live statistics service.

SurfStatsLive is a server-based analytics product that requires a Windows 2000 Server computer. Apart from IIS, the latest service packs and Internet Explorer which is standard for most Windows installations, no additional software is required for a SurfStatsLive installation. So why not start providing SurfStatsLive as a live statistics service today using either log file analysis or JavaScript tracking code?

SurfStatsLive can process log sources from other IIS web servers and from other types of web servers on Windows and other operating systems. As long as a drive can be mapped to the location of the log files, SurfStatsLive should be able to process the log files from the log source. No JavaScript tracking code is required when you have access to the web server log files.

Depending on your infrastructure and other factors you would need to consider whether you want to install SurfStatsLive on a dedicated server to collect log files from other sources or physically on the web server(s). The Planning an Installation page provides more information about this. SurfStatsLive can also act as a collector of statistics (Statistics Bureau Configuration) from content web servers whose log files are not accessible, with the aid of JavaScript tracking code. Please visit the Statistics Bureau Configuration page for more information.

Please Note: Nowhere during the installation of SurfStatsLive (or afterwards) are you prompted to select a configuration type, the configuration type would depend on the way SurfStatsLive is used. One installation of SurfStatsLive can also act as multiple configurations. It's only a logical distinction.

You can try out SurfStatsLive in a live environment by downloading a 30-day no obligation trial version to see how it functions in terms of reliability, scalability and suitability to your organizations needs for a web analytics service. Please visit the SurfStatsLive Product Page for more information about SurfStatsLive, the most affordable live statistics service on the market today.

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