How does it work? In order to run SurfStatsLive as a Statistics Bureau, SurfStatsLive needs to collect hit data from the web client so that it can use the hit data to populate the site profile databases to allow end users to view analytics reports. JavaScript code is added to web pages on the client's web site to generate hits on the SurfStatsLive Service. This process is illustrated below, providing more detail than on the SurfStatsLive as a Service page:

When is JavaScript code required? JavaScript code is only required when you use SurfStatsLive in a Statistics Bureau Configuration. Please refer to the SurfStatsLive as a Service page for more information about the possible configurations. Please refer to More about JavaScript Tracking page for more about the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript tracking.

  • Have a dedicated Windows 2000 web server on the Internet with the SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service installed and then for each client do the following:
  • Create a Virtual Web Server on a unique IP Address and port with an IIS Administration Tool like Internet Services Manager.
  • Log into the SurfStatsLive Service with a web browser as a Server Administrator, click on the Bureau tab. The Virtual Web Servers present on the SurfStatsLive Server will display on the left.
  • Click the Virtual Web Server to use and click the Refresh link. The SLCapture.asp file will be created in the Virtual Web Server's root folder and the JavaScript code for the specific client will be generated and displayed. You can then copy the JavaScript and email it to your client.

  • Paste the JavaScript code received into the web pages to track (before the </BODY> tag). A JavaScript Injector tool (Links-Tracker) is provided with SurfStatsLive, which simplifies JavaScript insertion and removal from multiple web pages. This application can be freely distributed to clients. Please visit the Links-Tracker application page for more information.
  • Upload the web pages to the content web site of the client.
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