Key Benefits

You may ask why you should consider the SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service as a web analytics solution for your organization's web site usage statistics needs. Listed below are some reasons:

Flexible configuration options. The SurfStatsLive product can be configured to operate as a Single Server, Multi Server or Statistics Bureau Configuration spanning an application range unrivalled in the web analytics solutions market today. No explicit configuration is selected during installation, the configuration type is implied in the way that the SurfStatsLive product is used. Please visit the SurfStatsLive as a Service page for more information about the possible configurations.

Historical data is immediately available. The SurfStatsLive Merging Service (the service that populates the site profile databases on the server) will scan the SurfStatsLive and content web server(s) log file(s) after installation and update the site profile databases with information from the log files already present on the server (Single Server and Multi Server Configurations).

No JavaScript required for certain configurations. The Single Server Configuration or the Multi Server Configuration requires no JavaScript code in web pages. Web development professionals in your organization or your client's organization do not need to spend valuable time adding JavaScript code to pages on your or your clients' web site(s).

No log files to download. End users do not need to download log files to generate and view web analytics reports (as it is a server-based product). Simply log in with a browser from anywhere in the world to the SurfStatsLive Service and view the web analytics reports.

More detailed information available. The Single Server Configuration and Multi Server Configuration can provide additional web analytics information (like bandwidth and error information) that is normally not readily available with JavaScript web tracking statistics solutions.

No need to schedule reports. Normally with a Website Analytics or some other server-based web analytics solutions on the market, you would need to schedule reports to be generated so that customers can view them at a certain time. With the SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service "set-and-forget" approach, reports are quickly generated in real-time.

Authentication System. The SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service provides its own authentication system forcing users to log into the SurfStatsLive Service. This restricts end users to only view reports based on the set-up of the specific user's site profile.

Reporting per folder. The SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service was specifically designed for the "multiple domain" hosting environment and distinguishes between three types of users which provides the enabling technology to allow users to generate web analytics reporting per folder of a specific virtual web server. Most web site hosts requires reporting per folder from a web statistics solution.

Ability to handle clustered or load-balanced servers. When specifying a site profile you can associate the site profile with log sources from more than one server which provides the ability to generate web analytics reports for a complete cluster or set of load-balanced web servers.

Competitive Pricing. The SurfStatsLive product is very competitively priced, making it a very sensible product to consider as a web analytics solution for your organization and as a statistics solution for your customers.

Performance. The SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service outperforms all other real-time reporting service solutions we compared it to by a factor of 5 when generating reports. The SurfStatsLive MergeClient log file parsing application was designed to efficiently parse log files to every site profile's optimized database.

Reliability. Due to its unique database design, the SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service ranks high in terms of reliability. Instead of one huge database, every site profile has it's own database. In case of corruption of a site profile database, the Server Administrator can reset the site profile to recreate the profile database from the existing log files. Report generation is done through use of Component Services, which is out-of-process with the IIS Processes.

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