Empty reports in SurfStats Website Analytics or SurfStatsLive Reporting Server...

Do you get no data in Reports with your site profiles AND the sample site profiles?

Yes - On program versions before version 2011 - It is either:

a) New Microsoft security patches.

This is now supported in version 2011. Upgrade to the latest version 2011 is free if you purchased a license within the last 365 days. You can purchase an upgrade at a reduced price if you have purchased a license before. See  http://www.surfstats.com/upgrade.asp to request an upgrade.

b) Internet Explorer setting

The program uses the Internet Explorer control. You can reset IE to its default state. Go to the Windows Control panel, click on Internet options and then on the advanced tab. Click on the Reset button to set IE to its original default state.

c) DEP problem.

Try the following:

Go to Settings - Control Panel - System - Advanced tab - click Settings button (under Performance) - Data Execution Prevention tab.
Select the 2nd option (Turn on DEP for all programs...) and in the exception list add

a) surffox8400.exe (located in c:\Program Files\SurfStats<Version>) if you are using SurfStats Website Analytics V8.4 or later or
b) surffoxlive3400.exe (located in c:\Program Files\SurfStatsLive<Version>) if you are using SurfStatsLive 3.4 or later.

Request the report again. You must add surfschedrun.exe to the DEP list as well if you use the scheduler.

See http://www.surfstats.com/dep.asp for more details

No - Check the following if you get reports with the sample site profiles:

  • That you have specified the log file name/s and path correctly, e.g. D:\Data\Logfiles\*.log. A common problem is that the file extension is not specified.
  • That the program has rights to access the log files. Check that the SurfStats Scheduler has start up administrative rights to the path if the log files are hosted on a remote drive: Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services - right click on SurfStats Scheduler.
  • That the log file has valid data.
  • That the required fields are logged in the log files.
  • That there are no filters set that exclude all the data.
  • That the firewall is not blocking access to the log files or to the report destination.
  • Make sure that you do not install the program over an existing version. You must uninstall the program first, then delete the surfstats directory before installing the program.

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