How to set up Conversion Tracking in SurfStats Website Analytics
Click on the E-Commerce tab of the site profile to set up the goal or pay-off pages or files. For each page or file defined a set of reports will be generated when reports are generated for the site profile. We suggest that you use the Most Downloaded Pages report as basis to cut and paste the name from the report and then remove any space characters. The following example illustrates this.

If the string from the Top Entry Pages Report is:

/ surfstats/ download.asp

You should enter the string as:


You can also use part of this string as wildcards like


Do not use wildcard characters like * and ?

The Revenue column in the conversion tracking reports is obtained by multiplying the Fixed amount field value by the number of conversions.

The type of files that can be tracked
SurfStats can track any type of file regardless of what is defined as pages, files etc. in SurfStats Options.

Where to find the generated reports
The generated reports can be found on the Conversion tab after reports has been generated for a site profile.

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