Benefits of using SurfStats Conversion Tracking

  • No tracking code required in web pages as the web server log files are used as the source of information.
  • Easy to confgure - you just need to specify the pages or files to track.
  • It's included in the base product of both SurfStats Log Analyzer and SurfStatsLive, no need to purchase a separate expensive add-on module.
  • You can see which advertisers and advertisements where responsible for the best ROI, not only in terms of click-through rates, but also in terms of results.
  • You can determine which search engines and search phrases where responsible for the most traffic in terms of quantity and quality which is invaluable information for use in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  • You can use your existing log files as is to get historical data immediately.
  • You can track all sources that referred traffic to your site.
  • You save expensive recurring costs by not using a third-party tracking service.
  • Hits from robots, spiders and other forms of automated software are automatically excluded if you specify the pages or files to exclude in the robots.txt file.
  • Non-browser specific - i.e. browsers used by visitors to site. Visitors can use any browser.
  • Does not replace your current website statistics software, just enhances it.

Why you still need Log Analysis

  • Conversion Tracking only focusses on certain pages or files. Log Analysis gives you a complete picture, especially in terms of traffic, bandwidth, pages, referers, browsers and errors.
  • If pages or files marked for Conversion Tracking were not reached the information such as search engines, search phrases, referers etc. will not be presented in Conversion Tracking reports .

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