Cisco PIX and Microsoft ISA

V7.1 and later of SurfStats Website Analytics, Enterprise Edition features the ability to analyze log files generated by the Cisco PIX Firewall and Microsoft ISA server. In addition to being a Cisco PIX Website Analytics and a Microsoft ISA Website Analytics, SurfStats Website Analytics Enterprise Edition can also analyze log files from web sites, other proxy server and firewalls as well as log files from Streaming Media Servers.

SurfStats as a Cisco PIX Website Analytics
When SurfStats Website Analytics analyzes log files from a Cisco PIX Firewall it scans the log files for PIX-5-304001 messages. These are notification messages generated by the PIX firewall to indicate that a URL was successfully accessed. Log lines of this type contain the IP address and the rest of the URL accessed by the user. No host name is present in the URL as the host name is replaced with the destination IP address by the PIX firewall. SurfStats Website Analytics ignores other message types found in the Cisco PIX log file.

SurfStats as a Microsoft ISA Website Analytics
Microsoft ISA Server can log in two formats:

  • W3C Format - which is similar to the preferred log file format for IIS. The W3C format contains both log data and directives, which indicate the version data and logged fields in the log file.
  • ISA Format - which logs a specified set of fields. Only log data, without directives, is logged in the log file.

SurfStats Website Analytics can interpret the W3C format as well as ISA format when processing logs generated by a Microsoft ISA Server. When specifying a relative directory the log files can be found in the ISALogs folder under the ISA installation folder. For the W3C format specify the GMT time offset on the profile the same as the GMT offset on the server. For the ISA format specify a GMT time offset of 0.

To see a list of log formats supported by SurfStats Website Analytics please visit the Supported Log Formats page.

Please visit the Download Page to download a 30-day fully functional evaluation version of SurfStats Website Analytics.

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